Scholl Concepts

Scholl Concepts Boost Engine Dressing Motorglans 500ml

229 kr
BOOST is an outstanding premium gloss-dressing for the entire engine compartment. BOOST provides a natural and originally semi-matt gloss finish and gives a long lasting protection against corrosion. The innovative BOOST formula allows applications on wet surfaces without leaving any unfavourable marks and streaks. BOOST contains no hazardous ingredients and is free of any hydrocarbons. Clean the entire, dirty engine compartment first, using SPAM universal-cleaner or the heavy duty engine cleaner RAPID. Spray BOOST dressing gently onto the engine surface and let it dry for approx. 15 minutes – done! No wipe-off necessary!

Tänk på att använda rätt skyddsutrustning när ni hanterar kemikalier! 

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